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Synonyms for square-shouldered

having broad shoulders

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For one thing Richard is simply too resolute too square-shouldered and too winning to feel entirely real.
"And while leaning is central to motorcycling, it's not part of the DNA of the power sports business where we are used to lateral Gs created across a square-shouldered [as opposed to a motorcycle's rounded] tire contact patch."
She was always a style icon and first popularised the exaggerated square-shouldered look for women that became standard fashion during the war years.
Its heavy, square-shouldered aspect doesn't encourage confidence when it comes to balance, road-holding and taking the Italian MPV into corners, but in fact the Multipla fares extremely well and matches the performance of many respectable saloons.
But Dennehy unfolds Erie's prattling pipe dreams with such square-shouldered solidity that they lack any quirky charm or underlying emotion to engage us.
From the tractor seat, an operator can preselect variables such as bale size, wrapping medium and amount of wrap.A choice is also available to either automatically start the wrapping function or allow for an operator-activated start.The base baler features a wide pickup to eliminate the need for gathering wheels and producing solid, square-shouldered bales.
This quality is part spatial (big, open and square-shouldered like an Enlightenment nave), part material (terracotta ceramic, timber and paving stone) and part acoustic (soft, soft, soft).
Stepnik is a square-shouldered former merchant seaman who shipped out because, as he puts it, speaking of the communists, "I hated those guys." Like many talented Poles, he returned when Solidarity began to inspire hope for the future.
They were square-shouldered with a vinyl effect, mini puffer capes or rich fur.
His frequently wooden, square-shouldered MFI wardrobe performances of old have been flat-packed.
For one thing, Richard is simply too resolute, too square-shouldered, and too winning to feel entirely real.
Despite the smooth makeover on the bonnet and nose for a more reserved appearance, the vehicle, thankfully, still retains its broad, square-shouldered look.
Initially a front-foot flowing strokemaker, he changed character becoming a patient, determined, predominantly back-foot player with a square-shouldered stance.
Wide pickup also enhances packing of bale sides to provide solid; square-shouldered, round bales.
For many years it was our Little Wales, with the old language still heard on street corners from headscarved women and their square-shouldered men, many of whom were builders..