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a square-rigged sailing ship

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Nelson's dockyard has been largely preserved so a mental flash back to the square-riggers, wooden legs and shouldered parrots is vivid and inevitable.
The paperwork is clearly designed for the square-rigger days and we had to declare the quantity of gunpowder and the number of cannons we had on board!
During the war,he served on patrol in the Special Boat Section,but most remarkably he was an apprentice seaman on one of the last great square-riggers, thefourmasted Finnish barque Moshulu ,during 1938-9, trad-ing betw een the UK and Australia, viaCape Horn.
At Charleston, the harbour has changed little since 1790 and has become a popular location for film and TV dramas thanks to square-riggers berthed there.
It's not just the tall ships and square-riggers any more, which really opens up the market."
As such, nautical or marine art, be it a square-rigger or steamboat, a seascape or a shoreline, marine art has become one of the broadest and most widely collected genres of art today.
In the great days of sail, Falmouth's sheltered waters were packed with square-riggers calling in to Britain's first major anchorage for fresh supplies.
Mighty square-riggers assembled for what was then described as a ``unique'' sail-by.
In part it's a personal challenge, but it also shows the youngsters I'm not dead yet.'' Sonny Ferrie, of West Derby, says: ``Imet Zebu's Nick Breckfield over a drink and I've always been interested in square-riggers. Sailing to Whitehaven was the trip of alifetime.
Coming from Taiwan,he is aliving link with the Liverpool Chinese community (Europe's oldest) who arrived on square-riggers from the Far East.
Susan Hanley-Place, who with her team have worked for six years to restore the old square-rigger Zebu, suddenly felt this proved the age of sail had returned once more.