square yard

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a unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square


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The US authorities have so far not been given offer letter and only the Foreign Office had been informed that the CDA will charge at the rate of 15,000 rupees per square yard for additional land," The Dawn quoted the official, as saying.
ON SHOW: Stephanie Rochester is exhibiting her work at the new Square Yard gallery
1 percent per year to 865 million square yards in 2006.
You can cover a square yard of path 3 inches deep for about $1.
When first spotted in 1984, the alien invader covered a patch of submerged Monaco real estate no more than a square yard or so in size.
The broad-loom wools in 48 colors from Carousel Carpet Mills start at $75 per square yard.
Canvas tarp comes in fabric weights of 10 oz, 12 oz and 15 oz per square yard before treatment and 16 oz, 18 oz and 21 oz per square yard after treatment.
The cost of 500 square yard plot of category -1 has been fixed at Rs2.
311,000/- per square yard while plot no 2-B of I-9 Markaz measuring 415.
The above mentioned plot near Vasant Kunj is spread over 2,600 square yard.
A plot in sector F-10/2 measuring 600 square yard was auctioned for Rs 16.
Featuring superior tensile strength, the low weight fabric has a standard weight of 10 ounces per square yard with a thickness of 1/8 inch, but the material can be custom manufactured into various configurations.
We'll offer base grade building standard commercial carpet starting at $10 per square yard completely installed.
The problem is that the price of these metallic tiles is usually enough to floor you, with companies charging around pounds 100 per square yard.