square yard

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a unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square


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ON SHOW: Stephanie Rochester is exhibiting her work at the new Square Yard gallery
Manufactured in Morocco, these models are available in any size upon request and sell for about $115 per square yard.
If this fails then try 1 /2oz of iron sulphate in a gallon of water to a square yard.
1 percent per year to 865 million square yards in 2006.
So, when the Record featured a firm called Alufloor whose stylish aluminium floor styles were selling for just pounds 45 per square yard, we weren't surprised when they received a flood of enquiries.
Cost is $7 per 16-inch-square paver, or $20 $35 per square yard if you butt them together.
When first spotted in 1984, the alien invader covered a patch of submerged Monaco real estate no more than a square yard or so in size.
The broad-loom wools in 48 colors from Carousel Carpet Mills start at $75 per square yard.
According to the FBR's notification, the valuation rate for open industrial plots has been reduced by 20% to Rs9,603 per square yard.
Advocate general Sindh informed the court that total land area of Larkana's Jinnah Garden is 20,000 square yard and Ladies Club is established at 3,000 square yards.
Reading the notification, they told that the value of a residential plot in Qasimabad had been evaluated at Rs 25,000 per square yard while that of a commercial plot at Rs 100,000 per square yard.
Some of the known projects facing main roads are not less than at Rs250,000-300,000 per square yard in North Nazimabad.
The above mentioned plot near Vasant Kunj is spread over 2,600 square yard.
A plot in sector F-10/2 measuring 600 square yard was auctioned for Rs 16.
We'll offer base grade building standard commercial carpet starting at $10 per square yard completely installed.