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a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square


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This lot lies within the NYC Department of Planning core area study for rezoning, which would exponentially increase the buildable square footage of this property, inclusive of residential zoning," added Chkheidze.
Condos with the same square footage on the periphery of downtown (the Alinari, Broadway Promenade, etc.
It's not only brokers who inflate square footage -- trades people do as well.
285,000,000 Total 2008 Healthcare Square Footage Designed Mortenson Construction 5,838,871 The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
Since 2005, the steadily decreasing square footage in his model homes reflects homebuyer preference toward smaller homes.
Measuring and Calculating Residential Square Footage is not just a book about how to measure a house; it is a passionate plea for consistency in measuring and calculating square footage.
Recalculating building square footage can help you act in response.
Environmental: Smaller square footage, colors blend with natural landscape
An inaccurate accounting of the square footage can shortchange a university.
They demolish the old structure and build larger homes with the square footage and amenities that command top dollar.
How much extra square footage do you need right now?
The answer is, The most precious thing in the world: additional square footage in the store.
When asked about lab safety, the first thing experts want to talk about is minimum square footage per occupant and appropriate occupancy.
However, it is fair to say that a clustered concept costs more, due to the added square footage required.
Target plans to add about 95 outlets this year (including at least 30 SuperTarget stores), raising its square footage by about 12%.