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either of two punctuation marks ([ or ]) used to enclose textual material

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Works with assigned titles, given in square brackets, appear in the alphabetical order, but untitled works are listed at the end of each sequence.
By performing multiple numerical calculations of Fourier transform and also by analyzing Mason-Zimmermann's formula (14) and especially its square bracket term we concluded that a reasonable uncertainty relation formulation could use signal duration and spectrum peak width for any harmonic.
Its recursive structure means that each of the terms within the square bracket is capable of being broken out into more detail while retaining the same mathematical structure.
In order to determine the direction of an optimal trade policy, the task is to sign the expression inside the square brackets.
getFormula returns the formula with sheet name in square brackets and path to spreadsheet file
24] * Significant at 5% level ** Significant at 1% level RMSE : Root Mean Square Error MAE : Mean Absolute Error Values in brackets () indicate standard errors Values in square brackets [] indicate Adjusted [R.
Square brackets denoting different text options had been reduced by 75 percent, Fabius said.
A four-page document from the ministers, being reviewed at a summit of euro zone leaders and seen by Reuters, concludes a long list of conditions for Greece to get a programme — most of them apparently agreed to by Athens — by offering two possible conclusions, both contained within drafters' square brackets.
They add section headings to help readers orient, enclosing them in square brackets to distinguish them clearly from Marsilius' text.
Square brackets refer to vectors and parentheses are used to refer to elements within a matrix.
In quotes, sexist language is removed and replaced by alternative terms In square brackets.
According to the draft meeting conclusions, seen by EurActiv, the most important element of the document is in square brackets, meaning it has not been agreed by ambassadors before the ministers' arrival.
Zipser offers his own contextualizing remarks in fonts different from those used for Stasi reports, and he inserts comments in square brackets directly into the reports, where necessary, to correct factual errors or to contradict the most outrageous claims.
Except for the trade facilitation text, the other documents are either entirely or mostly clean of square brackets.
In order to present the music with a more accurate vertical alignment, ligatures are separated into individual notes and indicated with square brackets.