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Synonyms for squander



Synonyms for squander

to use up foolishly or needlessly

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

Synonyms for squander

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Siegel's lawsuit said Lisa Marie has "twice squandered" her inheritance and she had been repeatedly told to curb "her spendthrift ways."
Bo'ness looked like adding to their lead when they were awarded a penalty after Mark Cowan was sent tumbling but that opportunity was also squandered, Will Snowdon firing his shot over the bar.
After all, the Government will only squander it and as time goes by they squander more than ever.
PARENTS squander too much on their daughters' outfits for proms.
In short, if they want to "squander", anything then it's their business.
Set in Staffordia, Gordon Cooper proved a superb Mother Goose and an ideal comic pairing with Michael Nielson as Squire Squander.
Here's some further information the Government had better not squander.
The family unit, and Canada as a whole, can ill afford to squander what may be the last opportunity to overturn the same-sex "marriage" travesty foisted on this nation by the former Liberal government and its accomplices in the homosexual and left-liberal communities.
By looking at many civilizations in the past that once thrived and then collapsed, Diamond sees patterns of catastrophe in the way we now squander resources, pollute our environment, and disregard the warning signs.
"During my working life I saw many competent doctors who earned a good living squander their financial resources by making bad financial decisions.
Colker's imagination is so fertile that she tends to squander ideas; each half of her two-act, ninety-minute Rota could easily be expanded to fill an evening.
When Newt hammered PBS for conducting a survey showing public support for the service, he denounced it for squandering tax dollars to "lobby." When asked if PBS gets government funds it could "squander," he said dismissively, "I haven't a clue." (It mostly doesn't; it's a membership organization.)
No one gains when the bishops choose to squander their moral authority.
"The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri highlighted the government's intention to fight corruption, adding that the most important challenges facing the government will be squander and corruption," the statement indicated, noting that Hariri was replying to questions from a number of television stations in the UAE.