squall line

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a cold front along which squalls or thunderstorms are likely

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The outflow is important because development and maintenance of the squall line is centered on the leading edge of this outflow.
At this point in time, the explorers have concluded the following: that the crash of Flight 2501 was prompted by a series of unfortunate events, including the development of a severe squall line, Northwest s failure to inform the pilots of its change in direction, and the descent denial.
Although most squall line tornadoes are relatively weak, they can still kill someone caught unaware.
This disagreement largely explains why the squall line was missed in this simulation as the presence of a cold pool is critical for the maintenance and movement of a squall line (Rotunno et al.
Large areas of thunderstorms may aggregate into a mesoscale convective system or MCS, essentially the same thing as a squall line.
8 km AGL, and level flight legs at ~2 km AGL following the length of the squall line in the transition region, under guidance of the Operations Center and the P-3's airborne lower-fuselage radar reflectivity imagery.
Despite its occasional use otherwise (by us and others), Nexrad's best role is as a strategic tool--for identifying and verifying the big picture--not for the tactical penetration of a squall line.
Anyone interested in seeing the radar image of the squall line as it approached Worcester County can go to www.
Any flight would have to get out ahead of the afternoon squall line or wait until the next day.
In many cases, severe thunderstorms in this area occur in a squall line, which is a band of storms that is located usually between 100 and 200 miles ahead of a cold front.
Even after landing, the fun didn't stop; the squall line moved over the field as we taxied to a parking spot.
Almost 10 years ago, a well-experienced friend of mine flew a well-equipped Cessna 421 into a squall line.
The 2011 QLCS or squall line was characterized by a band of more or less continuous convection along an axis of linear, low-level uplift originally attendant to a cold front.
Variations in the position and strength of the squall line among different members of the ensembles are produced by small initial "errors" in the surface temperature field that decay exponentially over a height of 1 km.
There was a nasty squall line stretching from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Great Lakes as I approached Jackson, Mississippi after sunset.