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a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square

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Like many UK cities, Cardiff has witnessed an increase in take up from serviced office providers with around 28,000 sq ft (2,601 sq m) of new space brought to the market last year, according to Savills.
In terms of size, Gurugram is at number two with potential buyers demanding on an average homes as big as 1,600 sq ft. Bengaluru is also keeping it big with its demand for homes where the average size is 1,409 sq ft.
Also, leases for 283,000 and 143,000 sq ft of DCT Chrin Commerce Centre in the Lehigh Valley sub market of Pennsylvania makes the 426,000 sq ft building 100% leased; 84,000 sq ft lease for DCT Sumner South Distribution Center in the South Kent Valley sub market of Seattle that also makes the 188,000 sq ft building 100% leased; 24,000 and 12,000 sq ft leases for DCT Airtex Industrial Center II in the Northwest sub market of Houston that takes the 127,000 sq ft building to being 100% leased; and 25,000 sq ft lease for DCT Fife 45 North in the Tacoma/Fife sub market of Seattle, taking the 79,000 sq ft building to being about 77% leased, the company added.
Asking rents range from PS3 to PS10 per sq ft, the most expensive being PS10 per sq ft at Bede House and Cuthbert House on Tower Road.
Bruntwood has also let a 650 sq ft suite to Catherine Higgins Law, while debt management company Madison Account Control has moved into a 670 sq ft office.
``It provides over 380, 000 sq ft of business space for companies including Vertex, Montgomery Watson and United Utilities.
Price of one exhibit space: Inside space-$5.10 per sq ft for 10' by 10'; Outside space-$1.25 per sq ft for 400-799 sq ft
* Amcast Industrial Corp.'s Gas City, Indiana plant begins a $10 million, 30,000 sq ft expansion.
The 269,228 sq ft pre-let deal by the Government Property Unit (GPU) at Central Square significantly boosted take up.
The facade of the 16,328 sq ft Colmore business district building has also been cleaned and restored.
SOME 1.3 million sq ft of industrial and logistics floorspace was taken up in the North East in Q1 2012, 7% down on Q4 2011 (1.4 million sq ft) but 33% higher than a year ago.
LIVERPOOL city centre's office market secured record lettings of almost 520,000 sq ft in 2009.
Unit 1 at pounds 135 per week provides 222 sq ft on the ground floor and 175 sq ft upstairs.