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someone who directs clandestine intelligence activities

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When the committee gently asked for examples of the 34 terror plots the spymasters said they had thwarted since the July 7, 2005, bombings in London, or for examples of the damage they claimed Snowden's leaks had caused to their operations, the spooks replied they could only provide examples in private.
Spymaster Sawers said there was no doubt the threat of terrorist attacks on UK citizens is rising.
He said his German spymaster Stephan von Groning, known as Dr Graumann, had promised to take him to a Nazi rally if he completed a mission successfully in Britain.
There are bloody killings before the two sides put rivalries aside and agree to a meeting of scholars and spymasters in Corfe Castle.
Britain's Cold War spymasters secretly discussed plans to train flocks of homing pigeons to attack enemy targets with tiny but deadly biological weapons, it was disclosed today.
WHEN it comes to deciding who's going to get the bullet in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry, one group has so far escaped consideration -the faceless crowd who make up our army of spymasters and secret agents.
WASHINGTON - From top federal spymasters to Los Angeles police officers on the beat, America's homeland defenses against terrorism continue to be an array of largely disconnected intelligence and law enforcement operations.
Here are some of history's most sensational spies and spymasters.
British and American spymasters bring special agent Jason Monk out of retirement to foil Komarov's plot for a new Holocaust.
Give us some earnest money, the spymasters say, and we'll return your investment fourfold in hot tips, international gossip, and enemy secrets.
informant for fourteen years, he recently ran afoul of his spymasters and now faces a trial on racketeering charges.
Spymasters hope his withdrawal is just a case of Pakistan throwing its toys out Cameron of the pram and the fury will be short-lived.
Run by former police and military experts, Spymasters offer James Bond style spying in Glasgow and Aberdeen.
At the time the press and a powerful committee of MP's called for his head over the "white elephant" and Soviet spymasters even tried to force him to defect at the height of the cold war.
Tony Blair has personally written to Britain's spymasters paying tribute to their work in the war against terrorism, it was disclosed yesterday.