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Synonyms for spying

Synonyms for spying

keeping a secret or furtive watch

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the act of keeping a secret watch for intelligence purposes

the act of detecting something

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It is while you are spying it that you are going to get to find out what it takes to be a billionaire.
The targets of the massive Chinese spying efforts were mainly its own citizens who resided in the urban areas and who might tend to be "counter revolutionary elements.
Many of the spies included are also found in other books on spying or in books covering women's roles in war, for example, Elizabeth Van Lew, Rose O'Neale Greenhow, Mata Haft, and Virginia Hall.
It emerged around the turn of the last century, about the same time that spying began to be professionally organised in the form that we know it today.
He is Sergei Skripal, a colonel in Russian military intelligence who, in 2006, was sentenced to 13 years on charges of spying for Britain.
The exhibition promises to be one of the biggest family attractions of the year, offering curious young minds and intrigued adults alike a unique, entertaining and educational insight into the mysterious and daring world of spying.
95) offers the biography of one George Trofimoff, an American civil servant convicted in 2001 of spying throughout the Cold War for the Soviet Union.
Wicker also cites a Soviet report that 40 of their top American agents had been neutralized by 1950 to argue that whatever real danger of Soviet spying that might have existed earlier "was all but over" by the time McCarthy made his first sensational charge in Wheeling, W.
This means the administration is probably spying illegally for political reasons on non-terrorist groups and individuals.
And it defends warrantless domestic spying with pure chutzpah and imperious assertions.
the Nixon administration, spying and wiretapping everywhere you go.
Field related how his friend Hiss, unaware that Field was already spying for the KGB, had tried to recruit him as a source for Soviet military intelligence.
I knew that there was much more to spying than the Hollywood stereotype which invariably depicts spies as male, tall, slim, and sexy.