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Synonyms for spyhole

a hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep

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Oskar's spyhole perspective and his selective memory are obviously two important factors that influence the narrative style so typical of Grass's novel.
Install a viewer or spyhole and a chain on the door, ask to see identity cards and, if in any doubt, ring the company the person says they work for.
5m, clad externally with smaller (bird) boxes, each with an internal spyhole for curious humans.
It's ideal if you have toddlers too as one of the doors opens onto the master bedroom behind, but only if you open it for them and it has a heart-shaped spyhole so that you can check on them.
Koepnick here inverts the established discourse by treating the glass dome not as a kind of spyhole through which one might gaze inwards onto the parliamentary process, but rather as a panoramic window through which visitors to the center of German power can look outwards, onto the city that surrounds them.
It includes "three stout Banham locks, two black iron bolts as old as the house, two tempered steel security chains, a spyhole with a brass cover, a box of electronics that works the Entryphone system, the red panic button, the alarm pad with its softly gleaming digits" (37).
Through a spyhole in his door one neighbour said he saw Sonia holding the weapon and heard her saying "I stabbed him".
He looked through the spyhole and then, with the security chain still on, opened the door and looked outside, she told the court.
Zilpha Keatley Snyder's Spyhole Secrets (0440417-082, $4.
LOCK-IN: Architect Ken Martin inspects the cells which will become drinking booths and, inset, owner Colin McKeown EYE FOR DETAIL: Ken Martin looks through a spyhole in a cell door warders used to keep an eye on prisoners, left, and one of the metal rings used to chain up the inmates
Most homes were provided with door and window locks, an entryphone system on the common entry to the tenements, and a front door spyhole.
In addition, 74% of landlords have failed to put locks on all external windows and doors and 78% of landlords have not arranged a door chain or spyhole to keep their tenants secure.
Have a spyhole fitted so that you do not have to answer the door to anyone you don't know.
The 33-year-old who had been videoing the neighbour's partner sunbathing naked, was caught out by a coinshaped spyhole in the roof, Gloucester Crown Court heard.
HALL ARTIST: Robert Hunter, 47, from Prescot, seen through a cells spyhole Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY