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The first aliquot of the sputum specimen [2-3 mL in 14 mL BD Falcon [TM] centrifuge tube (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA)] was subjected to direct AFB smear examination and N-acetyl L cystiene (NALC)-sodium hydroxide (NaOH) decontamination method (final NaOH concentration 1%).
Although obtaining an induced sputum specimen is a simple and well-tolerated procedure, [14] it needs to be conducted by a trained healthcare worker.
On obtaining a fresh sputum specimen from these 17 contacts 2(12%) were found negative for both ZN smear and GeneXpert MTB leaving 15(88%) TB positive contacts.
The age range of patients whose sputum specimen were collected ranges from 17 to 72 with mean age of 32.
As designed, sputum specimens would be collected directlyinto specimen containers that are partially filled with a disinfectant transport medium.
How and when to collect sputum specimen for AFB smears and cultures is detailed in the TB control plan.
In the study reported here the patients were not fasted prior to the induced sputum specimen collection and a single sample was obtained using an ordinary ward nebulizer.
To be eligible for enrolment, a patient had to be aged at least 18 years, should have provided two samples of sputum specimen that had been found smear positive for acid-fast bacilli by certified RNTCP lab where we used fluorescence staining procedure and smear grading done according to RNTCP guidelines.
It is important to obtain qualified sputum specimen for accurate etiology diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Sputum Specimen Bottle
Umzinyathi District turnaround times (percentage returned within 48 hours) for sputum specimen results.
One reason for this may be related to the difficulties of obtaining adequate quantity of sputum specimen from TB suspects either due to dry cough or inadequate or scanty sputum (<2 ml) (Anderson et al.
A chest tube was placed the day after the first sputum specimen was obtained.
Thus, the positive predictive value of Gram staining and the culture is low for predicting the cause of pneumonia if the sputum specimen is contaminated (i.