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expectorated matter


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After taking consent form from all eligible patients' details about age, gender, smoking history or exposure to indoor smoke, vitals including SPO2 and blood pressure (BP) at presentation and nature of sputum were recorded on prescribed proforma.
Genotyping results of Aspergillus fumigatus isolates in sputum cultures and on cough plates obtained from 2 participants with cystic fibrosis demonstrating aerosol formation of A.
Sputum-Scarce patients:11 Patients that had sputum amount less than 1 ml were defined to have sputum-Scarce patients.
Sputum samples were collected from clinically suspected cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Sputum samples and control standards were added to pre-sensitized plates with anti-CFL1 antibody and incubated at room temperature (RT) for 2 h.
Sputum was taken from patients with signs and symptoms of pulmonary TB and all sputum samples were sent to nearby trained laboratories for acid fast bacilli (AFB), microscopy, while extra-pulmonary TB presumptive for other laboratory tests were referred to nearby facilities after counselling.
Diagnosis of PTB was made by an expert physician and was based on sputum smear microscopy and radiography.
jirovecii-PCR testing results from sputum and bronchoscopic specimens are an infrequent occurrence, but discordance among all positive specimens is not infrequent.
In SA, Xpert MTB/RIF testing was officially launched in October 2011 and complete implementation was reported by 2013.'81 Per SA national guidelines, TB diagnosis before Xpert MTB/RIF rollout relied on sputum smear microscopy on two different samples from an individual suspected of having pulmonary TB, taken on different days or on the same day at least 1 hour apart.
Dubai: A jobless Filipina is seeking help for her husband who is suffering from acute hemoptysis, also known as bloody sputum.
[2] RNTCP recommends periodic sputum smear microscopy during the course of treatment to monitor patient progress and to assess overall program performance.
Sputum is the most fluently accessible specimen that includes the pathogenically relative cell types; furthermore, collecting sputum is noninvasive, fast, and economical, which are prominent features to be an ideal sample type for population screening.
Three types of samples, oral wash fluid (OWF), induced sputum, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), were obtained from participants according to standardized procedures.[sup][3] The isolation, amplification, and sequencing of bacterial DNA from each sample were performed by Majorbio Bio-Pharm Technology Co., Ltd.
Standard diagnostic techniques for TB include sputum smear microscopy and microbiological culture confirmation.
Sputum smear microscopy has been the long-standing primary method for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in low and middle income countries, where nearly 95% of TB cases occur.