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Under research conditions, the Xpert MTB/RIF test greatly accelerates the time to laboratory diagnosis compared with MTB culture, [3,10] so that time to TB treatment initiation could potentially be reduced significantly--particularly for patients with sputum smear-negative TB disease, who would rely on MTB culture for diagnosis.
Keeping in mind the above facts, the present study was conducted among new smear-positive pulmonary TB patients to identify medicosocial factors associated with a delay in sputum smear conversion at the end of IP and also the influence of smear conversion on treatment outcome.
Lung tissue and sputum samples were collected from patients at Masih Daneshvari and Baghiat Allah Hospitals (Tehran, Iran).
All cases of clinically diagnosed sputum smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis.
Moreover, there was substantial overlap in the microbial composition among the samples, and the percentages of total number of OTUs in sputum consistence with BALF or OWF were highly represented as 85.
Data including patients' demographics (age, gender and nationality), microbial species (as recorded in the sputum culture reports) and the antibiotic susceptibility patterns of pathogens were collected.
This allows the sputum processing and molecular testing to be delinked, with processing done immediately at the point-of-care, or at a centralised facility.
The study applied the following exclusion criteria: 1) mislabelled samples, and 2) evidence of leakage of sputum sample from its container on receipt of the sample.
7%) whose sputum smear did not became negative as compared to males (3.
Product labeling retains the recommendation that regardless of Xpert MTB/RIF Assay results, serial collection of sputum specimens for mycobacterial culture remains necessary because nucleic acid amplification testing does not detect all patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, and recovery of organisms for further characterization and drug-susceptibility testing is needed when MTBC is present.
In recent years, several markers and "footprints" of oxidative/nitrosative damage have been detected both in EBC and in sputum [8, 9, 12, 14].
The sputum was mucoid but viscid, moderate in amount with aggravation in left lateral position.
Mucolytic preparations make sputum easier to cough up but they're of little benefit to most people.