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Synonyms for sputtering

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

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As I came sputtering to the surface I looked about for some tiny foot- or hand-hold where I might cling for a moment of rest and recuperation.
In his hand he clutched the sputtering candle, and as he took the leap the rush of air extinguished it.
In three seconds he would have to light the fuse and throw the sputtering stick with directed aim to its objective.
Let us have a look into that room,' he added, lifting the sputtering candle from the desk.
Rose could not make out what it was, and her curiosity was greatly excited, for Phebe was writing with a sputtering pen on some bits of brown paper, apparently copying something from a little book.
These, with a small bottle of ink and a rusty pen, made up Phebe's outfit, and it was little wonder that she did not "get on" in spite of the patient persistence that dried the desponding tears and drove along the sputtering pen with a will.
A very cheerful wood-fire was sputtering and cracking in an open grate at the further end of the apartment.
The sputtering wood fire threw out a circle of red flickering light which played over the little group of wayfarers, and showed up every line and shadow upon their faces.
He was white as chalk, the candle he held in his shaking hand was sputtering onto the carpet, and his eyes, petrified with terror, or some such kindred emotion, stared fixedly over my head at a point on the further wall.
Two kitchen chairs, and a round table, and an attenuated old poker and tongs were, however, gathered round the fire-place, as was a saucepan over a feeble sputtering fire.
Consequently, that new light had gone sputtering out.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As one of crucial materials in the field of electronic information, ITO (indium tin oxide) sputtering targets get chiefly utilized to manufacture flat LCD, touch screens, thin film transistors, transparent electrodes of solar cells and multifunctional glass.
The global sputtering targets and evaporation materials recorded revenue of $2,820.
We plan to extend this system with a high-quality, ultra-high vacuum sputtering system.
3]N thin films were deposited on Si(111), quartz, and glass slide substrates by DC magnetron sputtering in molecular nitrogen ambient.