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Synonyms for spurt

Synonyms for spurt

a sudden swift stream of ejected liquid

to eject or be ejected in a sudden thin, swift stream

Synonyms for spurt

the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)

gush forth in a sudden stream or jet

move or act with a sudden increase in speed or energy


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Continuous variable like age was reported as mean S.D and mean age of pubertal spurt as assessed by CVM.
"A game like today, there were spurts where we were playing well, and those spurts give us confidence.
Specifically, growth spurts are tied to an increase in total daily hours of sleep as well as an increase in the number of daily sleep bouts, the time from the onset of sleep until awakening.
The authors sought specifically to uncover PBDE-induced cellular events leading from the neonatal brain growth spurt to permanent neurological problems in adult animals.
OIL prices put on another spurt as traders worried that Hurricane Rita could smash into key oil facilities in Texas.
"I spend a lot more time with customers," she says, "working on strategies that will prepare the groundwork for our next growth spurt."
In another basin, set on the floor, jets of coffee spurt out from the center, sometimes in a rotating motion.
Only by starting these actions now will we see any results before the next growth spurt ends.
In order to bring on the growth spurt, the company requires manufacturing facilities, and believes Northern Ontario is the place to build them.
Perhaps most importantly, women simply don't achieve the same neuromuscular spurt in puberty as do men; this is seen by many researchers as a key to the body's adaptation to the growth and development that occurs then--and of particular importance for athletes.
Will I have another painful growth spurt before college?
Current figures for industrial ouput in the Ukraine are impressive, but looming mandates that will arrive with an expanded European Union (EU) could bring an end to the current growth spurt.
"Due to several factors, including the recent spurt of the major stock indexes and a general flattening of the unemployment rate, many economic forecasters and senior executives of large corporations are optimistic about the economic outlook, especially for 2004."
"It should be clear that, far from the cry of the tax-consuming hordes against Proposition 13, cutting taxes will not cause a depression; it will rather cause living standards to spurt."
Following a spurt of acquisitions in the personal care segment, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, has between $8- 10 billion left for future acquisitions, according to reports.