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a person who rejects (someone or something) with contempt

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Andre Malraux, in his essay on Goya, says, "He revealed his genius from the moment he had the courage to stop trying to please," and, "All truly profound art requires its creator to abandon himself to certain powers which he invokes but cannot altogether control." Having spurned the approval of others, one opens oneself fully to the forces of eros and aggression--which might, finally, bring down worse than disapproval on the spurner's head.
Peter Wedd makes a braveattempt at the wimpish Alfredo, surprising recipient of this wonderful woman's love and immature spurner of it.
It comes as little surprise, then, that well-known figures in the British wine trade, such as Steven Spurner (who founded the Academie du Vin in Paris in 1973), Michael Broadbent (long-time director of Christie's Wine Department in London) and legendary wine book author Hugh Johnson are part-owners in the venture.
With Steve Spurner suddenly turning pro and Bobby Bowden turning mortal, it appears that Miami will be called upon to carry the load from now on.
The celebrity photos on the walls tell you you're still in Florida, but a world away from Miami: Bobby Bowden, Vince Dooley, Steve Spurner, Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, along with Bear Bryant and Pat Dye walking through the woods with shotguns on their shoulders.