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Synonyms for spuriousness

plausible but invalid reasoning

Antonyms for spuriousness

state of lacking genuineness

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Our study extends the few prior studies that have explored this relationship among AIs by 1) employing a community-based sample of AI youth, derived from the most comprehensive longitudinal study of adolescent health in the United States, and 2) considering the role of other salient predictors of substance use--stress exposure and peer and family substance user, in order to reduce concerns about spuriousness and omitted variable bias.
To control for the sources of spuriousness of the proposed relationships, sociodemographic variables were controlled for.
No less than a TRC lawyer, by the name of Francisco Figura, blew the whistle as to the obvious spuriousness of the endorsements of Masaganang Ani allegedly made by Representative Bagatsing's office of Masaganang Ani.
Nevertheless, sections of the political establishment, commentariat and media galaxy have exultantly flown instantly in an ecstasy to extol the event in refrains that smack so strikingly of sheer showmanship, pretentiousness and spuriousness. In line with the popular trait in this country of hailing spontaneously anything unusual as landmark or milestone, they have dubbed the indictment as historic.
Engage Russians: The West needs to communicate to ordinary Russians the spuriousness of Putin's zero-sum, us-versus-them narrative.
Overall, it is important to appreciate that the novel's Irish theme--beginning with Delia's idealistic commitment to "the Cause" (TY 101); finding its pathetic fulfilment in the spuriousness of "her imitation Irish flattery" (TY 326; italics added), her "assuming the manner of a harum-scarum Irish hostess" (TY 329; italics added), and "her rather exaggerated Irish sing-song" (TY 361; italics added), before reaching its grotesque apotheosis in Patrick's blinkered view that the Irish would "be glad to join the Empire again" (TY 362)--is only partly conveyed through the story of Delia's capitulation to the entrenched values of her upbringing and her husband's Establishment mindset.
The economic crisis of 2008 showed the generalized precariousness of the entire neoliberal free market system and the spuriousness of faith in the market as ontological freedom, a freedom shown to be unreliable.
It is, I believe, truly fortunate that the ultra-intelligent Meslier was trained as a priest, because this enabled him to observe the spuriousness of Christianity and the Catholic Church first hand, and then leave his revolutionary conclusions to posterity.
(22) Lawrence Danson's recent work has demonstrated, with convincing acuity, the general spuriousness of this account (37), but Danson's archival debunking does not reveal anything the essay itself doesn't already attest to the reader familiar with the aesthete who preceded Wilde in late-Victorian critical estimation.
The elimination of non-stationarity made the data free from autocorrelation and possibility of spuriousness among the model's variable regression analysis.
The 'disasters of 1975 and 1977', as Ian Turner referred to Malcolm Fraser's election victories, were devastating confirmation of the spuriousness of the assumptions that underlay radical nationalism.
The spuriousness of the traditional boundaries between the "public" and "private" is a dominant theme.