spurious correlation

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a correlation between two variables (e

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The high correlation of minorities to other socioeconomic factors may be causing the high but apparently spurious correlation with new sites and pollution, if the socioeconomic factor in question is a significant variable in explaining the location of new sites.
This spurious correlation points to the need to be cautious when drawing inferences concerning abnormal returns.
Mathematical contributions to the theory of evolution: on a form of spurious correlation which may arise when indices are used in the measurement of organs.
Spurious correlation and the fallacy of the ratio standard revisited.
Gonedes attributed the difference between his results and those of BKS to spurious correlation stemming from their use of market prices to scale income numbers.
This hypothesis is comparable to criticizing Michael's original work on the grounds that his educational elasticity may be proxying an income elasticity, thereby causing a spurious correlation.
If it is, then T must now cause R, for the randomization will have eliminated the danger of any confounding factors which might be responsibl for a spurious correlation.
This may be spurious correlation, however, as the evidence from other countries is ambiguous.
It is also said to remove the spurious correlation as the tests include the lagged variables.
Comments on "Some misconceptions about the spurious correlation problem in the ecological literature" by Y.
What is the future of so much reliance on data, where a lot of spurious correlations could dominate our lifestyle and livelihood?
You can always cherry-pick spurious correlations as examples, but analysing the full gamut of corporate headquarters yields a non-signal.
Indeed, my favorite phrase in his article is: "small samples have been mined for spurious correlations in support of powerful pre-existing biases [in regard to bats], while researchers ignored evidence that pointed in the opposite direction.
DDDM models are also vulnerable to poor design, he said, such as overfitting, spurious correlations and the identification of inappropriate criteria.
com) called Spurious Correlations in which he posts line graphs that seem to suggest a correlation between things that have no logical correlation.