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Synonyms for spurious

Synonyms for spurious

containing fundamental errors in reasoning

born to parents who are not married to each other

Synonyms for spurious

plausible but false


Related Words

born out of wedlock

intended to deceive

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LAHORE -- The FIA claimed on Sunday to have seized a huge quantity of spurious and toxic drugs in the city and arrested an accused.
The radar parameters that need to be determined are the spurious signal frequency, the radar scan interval, the radar pulse repetition frequency (PRF), the pulse width, the radar fundamental frequency and the location of the installation.
While in 2018 (January-June) 26,521 samples were tested and analyzed by drug testing laboratories, out of which 20 (0.08%) were declared as spurious.
Informing about one such racket of spurious drugs which was unearthed by the Delhi Drugs Control Department, the official said, "In Delhi, huge stocks of ointments of leading brands namely Betnovate-C, Betnovate-N and Panderm ++ were recently recovered from Bawana area.
'During my stay at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), I had experienced difficulties in taking action against the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of spurious medicines because of the lacunas in the law,' he wrote.
The authority also caught the distributor involved in sale and purchase of spurious drinks, says a handout.
The meeting was briefed that spurious fertilizer worth Rs 1.03 million was recovered from Bahawalpur division last year against which fine of Rs 1.82 million was imposed.
The officials cannot present a single instance that a drug deal was arrested and punished in any court of law for the past several decades for selling spurious and unregistered medicine.
Food Authority has recovered 1750kg substandard spices/chili powder while sealing Ali Spices unit on making spurious spices.
DRAP has exposed the corruption and corrupt practices of all owners of Everest Pharma (Spurious drug manufacturer) including Noor Muhammad Mahar through the assistance of prestigious government institutions of the country i.e.
ISLAMABAD: A Supreme Court order dismissing a petition against former army chief General (r) Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani over his alleged involvement in a scam involving spurious medicines was challenged by a former officer of the armed forces on Monday.
More than 100 cases regarding the sale of spurious, unregistered and sub standard drugs and sale without license and warranty, filed by drug inspectors across the province were discussed in detail.
However, the PPMA fully supports the Punjab Government's action against spurious and counterfeit drugs, he remarked.
RTI query reveals 10-20% of drugs found in major states are spurious