spur gear

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gear wheels that mesh in the same plane

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Two different materials were used for spur gear, acetal for small spur gear and stainless steel for large spur gear.
The use of spur gears in industries such as Agriculture, Aerospace, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Automotive, Textile, and Industrial Engineering has led to increasing demand for manual gears.
2010) Comparative study of conventional and micro WEDM based on machining of meso/micro sized spur gear, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, Vol.
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Geometry and Design of Involute Spur Gears with Asymmetric Teeth, Mech.
The melters feature variable speed AC motors with spur gear pumps.
The fully enclosed direct spur gear transmission also means no chains, no wear and tear, and no maintenance.
A spur gear pre-stage drives the crankshafts, which increases the speed ratio and minimizes vibration.
Tenders are invited for Hand Operated Heavy Duty Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Fitted With Grade 80 Chain Alloy Steel As Per Is 3832 Load Chain Length - 8 Meters Lifting Capacity - 10 Ton Safe Load 1.
The manual verison T1 Model helps businesses large and small increase lifting safety while minimizing chances of sparks with a hand crank spur gear winch, easily operated by one man.
1981) developed ECH setup for high accuracy finishing of spur gears and reported an improvement in the accuracy of profile as well as in the surface finish of the spur gear teeth and reduction in noise level.
In this paper we are going to purpose a model for spur gear contact.
Firstly, finite element method is used to simulate the cold forging process of the spur gear with two-dimensional axisymmetrical model, and the strain distributions and velocity distributions are investigated through the post processor.