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Synonyms for spunky

Synonyms for spunky

showing courage


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willing to face danger

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What the founder of Spunky Seniors Club is wondering, is how those critical followers might be a gateway to recognition by Oprah Winfrey herself.
He likes other dogs, and is a spunky walking companion.
It has spunky heroes and heroines, life threatening situations, unreliable authority figures and difficult choices being made in split second time.
Located at Highland Village, a landmark, specialty retail center, Gingersnaps stands out from other boutiques by showcosing styles that are free-spirited, spunky and fun!
It's this sadness, juxtaposed with spunky pop attitude, plus Cooper's charming butquirkily accented voice, that make for an audibly pleasing dissonance.
Small but spunky, hyperactive Comet Hartley 2 is shaped like a peanut and spews several jets of gas and dust from both its day and night sides, NASA's EPOXI spacecraft has revealed.
Teachers and parents will appreciate Aronfeld's kid-friendly approach, and children will easily identify with Sara's spunky personality.
Roald Dahl's book James and the Giant Peach chronicles the adventures of a spunky seven-year-old orphan who escapes his mean aunts--Spiker and Sponge--by taking flight in a big fuzzy fruit, along with some lively insects.
SILVER-HAIRED super-granny Irene McCreaton is unmasked as a spunky senior after my own heart as she tackles one tough challenge after another for charity.
Byline: Berth in final would have given spunky skipper rewards worth millions.
spunky young Miley getting back to her rural roots is tough to swallow.
There were signs at Bay Hill that the spunky American is getting back to the form which made him a Ryder Cup star at Valhalla and he looks massive at 50-1 for an event he enjoys (fifth in 2007, 11th in 2006).
She slammed the door and after another productive day at the office she comforted herself in the arms of her spunky young lover.
That spunky sensibility resurfaces on "The Bitter End" and "I'm So Cool," but Stronger--her first album since the mid-'90s--is also Carter's response to a sorrowful period in which she lost four loved ones, including morn June Carter Cash and stepdad Johnny Cash.
Notably, if memory serves, the top choice of teen girls in the 1980 survey was "California highway patrol motorcycle officer,'" and the lead career from the 1965 survey was "spunky and alluring yet chaste and wholesome surfer girl.'"