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Synonyms for spunky

Synonyms for spunky

showing courage


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willing to face danger

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What the founder of Spunky Seniors Club is wondering, is how those critical followers might be a gateway to recognition by Oprah Winfrey herself.
Along the way, the people Spunky meets are attracted to his cheerful and friendly personality.
The way it works is similar to a record company - the designers send in their ideas, sign a contract and their design is released under the Spunky Brand.
The spunky redhead has rocketed from her globally successful Disney Channel show to a starring role in action-packed games.
Kids will love this sing song, spunky tale of an imaginative caterpillar who will live to see another day as a butterfly.
Granted, Freeman is essentially playing a variation of himself, while Vega is mining her spunky screen persona.
The heroine of the new story is Sylvie, a spunky princess.
ceremony the day before the Oscars, the Spirits often laud all those spunky gay-made flicks you wish were getting Academy Awards.
In addition to principals Tan and Vanessa Zahorian in the title role, two corps members were given a shot: Megan Low was stilted as the spunky huntress, but an authoritative Elizabeth Miner danced with gorgeous line and old-fashioned charm.
THE sad tale of Dublin Zoo's polar bears, Spunky and Ootek, has finally had a happy ending.
And some, including the elderly CH-46 Sea Knight and spunky AV-8B Harrier II, will be phased out as they are replaced by the revolutionary MV-22 Osprey and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
What began as a modest but imaginative creation in 1995, has grown into the most popular Christmas site and experience for families on the Web," said Karl Kronenberger, President of Spunky Productions.
In the film version of Helen Fielding's romantic comedy about a spunky, chunky, and terribly unlucky 32-year-old London bachelorette, Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) sets out to improve herself and her romantic prospects, hoping to lose 20 pounds, cut back on alcohol, and snag a truly scrumptious fellow.
Her artful reconstruction of Carnival on the planet as seen through the eyes of the spunky Tan-Tan is a true joy, full of the colorful sights and sounds experienced during the holiday.
First there was the Wadsworth Atheneum in 1985, where I saw, right in the midst of Picasso, Mondrian, and Miro, a picture of a spunky little girl with a back eye sitting in a principal's office.