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Synonyms for spunky

Synonyms for spunky

showing courage


Related Words

willing to face danger

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Saha is credited with designing this year's successful election campaign that ditched the Conservative Party's fuddy- duddy style for a spunkier image in sync with Cameron's age and the young electorate's mood.
So, if anything, you can expect the presentation to be a little spunkier with some interesting points of view.
The racket caused by the busy machines is an audible sign of the painfully slow yet partially successful transformation of Connaught Place, which is getting back on its feet in a spunkier, shinier avatar.
But few fish match the strength of a Florida largemouth - a smaller, spunkier quarry.
And I'm Susan Feniger,'' says the shorter, spunkier one with eight or nine earrings climbing her ears.