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(nautical) small stuff consisting of a lightweight rope made of several rope yarns loosely wound together

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It is one of the largest provider of spun yarns in the world, producing over 8,000 tons per week of products at 29 manufacturing plants in the US, Central America, Mexico, and South America.
| The Coast rug is woven from hand spun yarns and makes a perfect addition to both modern and traditional homes
Qualify parameter analysis of ring spun yarns made from different blends of bamboo and cotton fibers.
Unevenness % (U) and coefficient of variation (CV) in mass of spun yarn were measured.
Based on data from the Industry Ministry the country has 204 companies operating in spinning industry , but most of them are small producers of spun yarns.
A variety or products are produced with emphasis on value added products like Plied Yarns, Corded Yarns, Core Spun Yarns, Slub Yarns, Compact Yarns, Organic Cotton Yarns, Poly Cotton Yarns, Modal Cotton Yarns, Rayon Cotton Yarns, Zero Twist Yarns, High RKM Yarns for industrial end use, Stretch Twills, Slub fabrics, Fine Count Sheeting etc.
(2007) postulated that one of the advantages of the compact spinning system over traditional ring spun yarns is a substantial reduction in yarn hairiness.
These products are mostly manufactured by spun yarns of fineness of 12, 14, 17 and 20 tex, whereas the light cotton lingerie are manufactured by yarns of fineness of 14 and 17 tex with mass per unit area of 60 up to 100 g/[m.sup.2].
These durable polyester knits use spun yarns for a soft, cotton-like feel.
It is preferably used for thermal bonding and thermal fusing nonwovens, felts and spun yarns. The new fiber is available in 2.2 dtex/4.3 mm or vario 2, 3.3 dtex vario 2, 17, 24 and 30 dtex/80 mm.
More flea-bitten tales down in Devon as Joe's boss spun yarns about his old Flea Circus while Joe played Cupid to tortoises Ben and Bluebell, fixing them up with vitamin shots, a candlelit dinner, warm lettuce bed, low music, dirty photos of naked terrapins, that sort of thing, resulting in their first successful breeding in 15 years.
Frank Saxon, chief financial officer of Culp, said, "We are very excited about this complement to Artee because it helps expand Culp's vertical integration into spun yarns. This was one of the last elements of vertical integration we needed to take."
After the growing demand noticed from North America, Loepfe sees a similar growth in the Asian market for reliable yarn quality control of latest high-tech materials such as carbon fibers, monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun yarns in all material compositions.
Comparison between mechanical properties of fabrics woven from compact and ring spun yarns. AUTEX Research Journal, 10: 35-40.