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Synonyms for spud

a sharp hand shovel for digging out roots and weeds


Related Words

initiate drilling operations, as for petroleum

Related Words

produce buds, branches, or germinate

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The next wells that are expected to spud in the Central North Sea are Equinor's 23/6-B Lifjellet exploration well and Ping's 21/6b Avalon appraisal well.
Spud was in a very poor condition, emaciated and full of worms, but his sunny disposition shone through right from the start.
Tests in Jerusalem showed that a spud boiled for eight minutes produced 10 times more power than a raw one.
The criticism stopped about the time a youngster in Northern California was struck in the head and killed by a potato fired from a spud gun.
The layers will have had their chips if Spud comes in.
Inevitably, Chase The Spud has gone up in the ratings again but the stable is on a high at the moment and he has the right attributes to cope with a big weight and when conditions demand it.
Nick Downes said: "Spud must've been trying those wings for size the other week.
Heartbreak Productions asks you to meet them at the helicopter pad outside Bumfresh Towers, where they will regale you with the story of how Mr Spud made his billions, lost it all and how Joe became the richest boy in the world.
"There was a little bit of time once they asked me to play Spud and I remember saying to my agent at the time, 'Look, is there anything else I could possibly do?' "I may as well have said, 'Could I just shoot myself in both feet please?' "To pass that up?
Spud Buds are currently available at Bo's Coffee shops in Metro Manila and at the Power Plant Mall Cinema snack bar.
And the first pictures to emerge from shooting of the long-awaited sequel in Edinburgh show the hapless Spud hasn't changed a bit.
Food dumped at Blackmoorfoot |reservoir which Stephen Parr believes may have killed his dog Spud (main) Both companies are building dozens of new homes in the area.
The Phoenix Nights and Car Share favourite plays cheeky docker Fred "Spud" Baker in the sitcom based on the teenage years of journalist and radio DJ Danny Baker.