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a chronic disorder that occurs in tropical and non-tropical forms and in both children and adults

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DME's entire B Series of cold sprue bushings with 1-in.-diam.
Sometimes, such as when casting from straight wheelweights, it helps to hold the tapered hole in the sprue cutter firmly against the bottom of the spigot and allow the pressure of the molten metal in the pot above to force the cavity full.
Sprue recently launched its new Wi-Safe Connect product range at Europes largest safety and security show in Essen, Germany to positive customer feedback.
Intamac has reported Sprue Aegis plc, one of Europe's home safety products suppliers, has acquired a license to use Intamac's Internet of Things connected home cloud platform and embedded software source code, with development rights, on a perpetual royalty free basis, the company said.
Using its patent pending technology, Sprue has the ability to use the data it collects from connected homes products to not only detect fires, but using an advanced algorithm, to be able to identify properties at elevated risk of experiencing a fire in the future.
Directors said the offer from the smoke alarm supplier - which is one of Sprue Aegis's major shareholders - was 'wholly inadequate'.
"Since introducing this device to market, customers who are using our Anti-Drool Sprue Bar device have seen a return on their investment in less than 3 months' time," says Tom Siwek, general manager at MDI.
Sprue Aegis said it won business "across all key sectors" in the first six months, including a contract from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.
An integral sprue picker, installed within the safety gate, will remove the sprue.
Joseph, Missouri, who has celiac sprue. I was diagnosed with it in 1998.
For someone suffering from celiac disease, also called celiac sprue or celiac enteropathy, all forms of gluten are toxic to the digestive system.
Chaitan Khosla and his colleagues at Stanford University and the University of Norway in Oslo report identifying a single component of gluten proteins that causes the autoimmune response characteristic of celiac sprue. Immersing the protein molecule in digestive enzymes derived from bacteria broke the amino-acid chain into apparently harmless components.
The recipient, Sprue Aegis, earned the recognition for the invention of a smoke detector that can fit into a light fitting.
The robot grabs a sprue and attached part or parts from a sprue picker and then presents the parts to the nipper.