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in a stylish manner

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Sprucely, a web-based subscription service, launched in Lebanon earlier in 2018, after previously debuting in Qatar.
I am conservative to the degree that I want the government to ban these manufacturers or marketers from placing young girls, sprucely attired, alongside their products just to attract customers.
(The director's close collaborator and cinematographer Martin Gschlacht continues to have a weakness for finicky rack focus, though his zooms have become more graceful since the self-conscious flourishes of Lovely Rita.) Every composition seems sprucely groomed for precise effect, Hausner's evocation of the Empire era evading the usual parade of perukes while nevertheless reveling in period fashion and decor--high-waisted dresses, trompe l'oeil doors, and infinite shades of vermilion and emerald.
In line with pic's commercial slant, the gays are all good-looking and sprucely turned-out.
Sprucely groomed cattle and horses were on display in the show ring, to the delight of the devotees and under the approving eyes of Mrs Judith Methuen-Campbell, owner of the Penrice estate.