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Synonyms for spruce



Synonyms for spruce

to improve in appearance, especially by refurbishing

to make or keep (an area) clean and orderly

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for spruce

References in classic literature ?
The meal finished, Kama replenished the fire, cut more wood for the morning, and returned to the spruce bough bed and his harness-mending.
But the spruce trees were too thick for an outlook, and he threaded his way across the flat and up the first steep slopes of the mountain at the back.
She caught a glimpse of the overhanging spruce, almost above her head on the opposite side, and emerged on a pool of clear water in a clay-like basin.
Bell's spruce grove as usual, fully intending to stay only long enough to "pick a chew." But spruce groves are seductive and yellow nuts of gum beguiling; they picked and loitered and strayed; and as usual the first thing that recalled them to a sense of the flight of time was Jimmy Glover shouting from the top of a patriarchal old spruce "Master's coming."
The next morning, when I looked out, I saw the hollow-backed bay between the Varnum spruces, and Ethan Frome, throwing back his worn bearskin, made room for me in the sleigh at his side.
Young Ethan Frome walked at a quick pace along the deserted street, past the bank and Michael Eady's new brick store and Lawyer Varnum's house with the two black Norway spruces at the gate.
The pitch of the Corbury road, below lawyer Varnum's spruces, was the favourite coasting-ground of Starkfield, and on clear evenings the church corner rang till late with the shouts of the coasters; but to-night not a sled darkened the whiteness of the long declivity.
Shares of Penumbra (PEN) are down 5% in early trading after short-selling focused research firm Spruce Point issued a short report on the stock, outlining their thesis why the share price is at risk for 40%-55% downside risk.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 18, 2019-ECi Software Solutions Acquires UK Distributor Spruce Computer Systems
Spruce Finance, an owner and operator of distributed generation solar and residential energy assets in the US, announced it has acquired a significant portfolio of residential assets, the company said.
Texas, US-based solar and residential energy assets provider Spruce Finance has acquired a portfolio of 2,000 residential assets to expand its operating portfolio and servicing platform, the company said.
Carpets and floor coverings group Victoria has appointed a new non-executive director, Zachary Sternberg is the co-founder of The Spruce House Partnership, a private investment partnership based in New York with US $3 billion of assets under management, which seeks to invest alongside and support management teams that are focussed on growing the per share value of their companies over the very longterm.
Stein is co-founder and managing partner of The Spruce House Partnership ("Spruce House"), a New York-based investment partnership.