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NOW that David Beckham has revealed an affinity with Bill Shakespeare by naming his second sprog Romeo, what's he going to call the next one?
If Posh and Scary are prepared to flaunt and exploit Sprog Spice while they are still in the womb, just imagine what awaits the poor little mites when they are born.
Despite being given time to get out of town by Rachel, Bridget's partner in crime, Brian, got desperate and snatched sprog VJ in a bid to persuade his mum Leah to hand over all her money.
She makes all divorced women look like greedy, money-grabbing ladies of leisure who have only to drop a sprog to retire to the sofa for the next 20 years.
One minute a loving mum is reading a bedtime story to her little boy and the next moment the chipmunk from the fairytale is abducting the sprog in a flying saucer and doing all sorts of nasty experiments.
The pal added: "They both decided it was time to have another sprog and they're abstaining from all bad behaviour.
CAN'T believe the name Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have given the new sprog - Henry Daniel.
If your sprog is alarmed at the hint that Father Christmas is fictitious, how will he or she accept death, say, or parental misdeeds?
She doesn't share any screentime with her new hubby but the Douglas sprog gets his film career off to a flying start while still just a bump.
Actor Ashton, 36, and 30-year-old Mila of Black Swan fame have been preparing to tie the knot - but Mila might now want to wait until after she's had her sprog, which is due later this year.
Now, Britney is thinking of dropping her sprog on the African plains too, in order to get away from "press intrusion".
Dannii Minogue, 40, and her man Kris Smith, 3, have split, which is especially sad when their little sprog is only 21 months old.
WISH Rod and Penny would shut up about their imminent sprog.
Dermot also told me he's hoping X Factor judge Dannii Minogue manages to come back to the show after she's popped out her sprog in July.
Another friend recently overheard Mel saying: "It looks like it's my turn to have a sprog next.