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"The Sprog Blog is a place where parents can moan, praise, set statuses, post funny stories/photos, ask for advice or even just chat - a Facebook feed for parents!" The page is also offering help and advice to parents, with a breastfeeding mentor on Wednesday nights to answer any questions, as well as a pregnancy chiropractor and a midwife coming to the page soon.
IF you don't know your anklebiters from your sprogs, or struggle to tell an ousel-cock from a ruddock, there's a new phrase book that might help.
So park in an empty Sprog Bay, but are told, I''m sorry, but you cannot park there!
Oliver is walking a dubious, well-trodden path, with TV airhead Dannii Minogue using Twitter just recently to display pictures of her new sprog.
For them and every other girlfriend who's been dumped only for her ex to promptly go off and sprog with his next partner, the sad truth is there's no thing as a man who can't commit, just one who can't commit to you.
Scientists have discovered that the chocolate you prefer depends on what chocolate you ate when you were a sprog. So in America it's the grainy, bitter Hershey Bar, in Europe they love their creamy, smooth Belgian chocs and for us Brits it's Cadburys - always has been, always will be.
In her own inimitable style, Babette Cole has produced a book which could prove as useful for children as it is for their exasperated parents: The Sprog Owner's Manual (Or How Kids Work) (Jonathan Cape.
Pulse FM will host the free fun from noon until 9pm, including kids' favourites Sprog Rock, who will be performing two interactive rocking gigs specially created for young children.
You can't say the same for every straight, married couple who sprog up for reasons that include boredom, biology or booze.
See sealife.ie or call 01 2866 939 SPROG .PRE.SPRAOI CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL Take your sprogs to SprOg in Waterford, which runs from July 28 - August 3.
The model has been keeping in shape in the run-up to having her sprog with husband Kieran Hayler by power walking and jogging with personal trainer Louise Glover.
Underage And Pregnant (BBC3, 8.30pm) NATALIE Cassidy knows only too well how hard it is to bring up a sprog - and the actress and new mum has age and experience on her side.
The latest is Geri Halliwell's sprog Bluebell Madonna.
Katy Wilson, lead singer of Sprog Rock, said: "We love Paisley and we can't wait to come back and play here again.