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atmospheric electricity (lasting 10 msec) appearing as globular flashes of red (pink to blood-red) light rising to heights of 60 miles (sometimes seen together with elves)

References in classic literature ?
All the little sprites who went to his school--for he kept a sprite school--told each other that a miracle had happened; and that now only, as they thought, it would be possible to see how the world really looked.
And woe betide that sprite who shall be careless or neglectful!
The poem goes on to tell how Umbriel, a dusky melancholy sprite, in order to make the quarrel worse, flew off to the witch Spleen, and returned with a bag full of "sighs, sobs, and passions, and the war of tongues," "soft sorrows, melting griefs, and flowing tears," and emptied it over Belinda's head.
These are my Ryls," pointing to the little sprites squatting around him.
She had come dancing up the lane, like a wind-blown sprite, through the mellow sunshine and lazy shadows of the August evening.
It seemed unbelievable that such could be the case, and yet, too, it seemed almost equally unbelievable that this beautiful girl was the same disheveled, half naked, little sprite who skipped nimbly among the branches of the trees as they ran and played in the lazy, happy days of the past.
I knew, by some mysterious mental light, that a great change was taking place in my sweet little friend(for such I loved to think her) and that she was passing from the condition of a mere Outland Sprite into the true Fairy-nature.
In the height of his boisterous merriment, Mr Quilp, having on some pretence dismissed his attendant sprite for the moment, resumed his usual manner all at once, dismounted from his cask, and laid his hand upon the lawyer's sleeve.
Hither, hither, from thy home, Airy sprite, I bid thee come
Two of the Sprites were mounted on larger satellites named Venta and Max Valier; Max Valier carried another four Sprites in its cargo container for deployment as independent satellites.
The fixed-in-place headlight pods, however, became the Sprites signature feature, earning it the nickname "Bugeye.
Sprite has siblings - several Sprites were launched on June 23 - but they've gone incommunicado.
While in low Earth orbit, the electronic systems of the Sprites will be tested.
WOOD SPRITES provides a new sequel to TINKER, and it's recommended that readers pursue the first for a smooth transition before turning to this latest story.