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Synonyms for springtide

the season of the year during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive

Antonyms for springtide

a swelling rush of anything

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a greater than average tide occurring during the new and full moons

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Springtide Capital is likely to be the first of the three brokers to have access to HSBC mortgages, starting April 8, the report said.
According to Fran Odette, Springtide Resources' program manager, "When marginalized communities get researched, their experiences [often] don't go anywhere other than into a paper and the people who are affected [by the research] don't actually see what is written about them.
Benedict, "a man past the springtide of life," had married his young nurse after a recuperative voyage together to Tahiti ("Cupid journeyed afar").
Shining Leo as a starry beast first appears high in the south at springtide, and, as this beast progresses across the heavens, he heralds the ripening fruits of the harvest.
Of the perceived patterns of consistency inherent in God's plan of redemption is the sequential manner in which God's Spirit periodically interrupts the spiritual declension of humanity with a springtide of divine activity, with each periodic appearance intensifying in spiritual and soteriological degree.
40, for String Orchestra Grieg Heartwoods 5/9/1926 Grieg-Bull Springtide 12/11/1940 Hadley, Henry Symphony no.
Many species of intertidal crab display a rhythm of larval release wherein hatching occurs during springtide periods near the time of nocturnal high tide (Forward 1987).
Under the agreement Fiberdata will deliver and operate a Lucent SpringTide 7000 network node enabling data communication over several different modes, including xDSL, cable television and optical fibre.
15) Rainer Warning indeed finds the function of the Mercator scene to be a release of Springtide "pagan" celebration (Ostarun) after the climax of the Descensus in which the "mythic" concerns of the Easter play trump the actual kerygma of the Resurrection (Ambivalences of Medieval Religious Drama, chap.
Lucent will provide a complete network solution that will include key data and IP technologies from its acquisitions, such as the NX64000 Multi-Terabit Switch/Router, GX 550 Multiservice Wide Area Network Switch and SpringTide 5000 IP Service Switch.
Wick Sheriff Court heard ex-policeman William Durrand, 41, of Wick, Caithness, was seen drinking from a bottle of vodka as his 40- foot boat, Springtide, left Kinlochbervie Harbour in Sutherland in stormy weather.
Like a day of springtide when you're given something and then hold it there an eyelid's flash, an instant, irrevocable: something to never become summer
a brewpub and microbrewery located in Hopland, CA, has announced the release of its 1994 version of Springtide Ale.
fm (acquired by CBS), Sonus Networks, SpringTide (acquired by Lucent), Talaria, Tango and Qumranet (acquired by RedHat).
And seen the springtide of India and Iran: Now taste a little of the heat of the desert, Drink the old wine of the date