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Synonyms for spring-flowering

of plants that bloom during the spring

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Continue to plant spring-flowering bulbs, including narcissi and hyacinths.
Continue to plant spring-flowering bulbs including narcissi and hyacinths.
Continue to prune spring-flowering shrubs after they have flowered.
Keep spring pots in bloom - a little attention to spring-flowering pots will ensure they look their best right through until the end of May.
And pop in a few spring-flowering bulbs like crocus and dwarf iris.
Lilacs are the classic spring-flowering shrubs in New York and Chicago, but not in Los Angeles.
Such spring-flowering bulbs as tulips, anemones, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses will fulfill any gardener's expectations.
Bergenia Also known as 'elephant's ears' because of its broad foliage, this spring-flowering perennial adds drama to borders and does well in virtually any soil and situation, in sun or shade.
The best spring-flowering varieties are Dutch Large and also come in mixed colours.
WHILE many gardeners will now be contemplating which spring-flowering bulbs to plant up this autumn, others will be sitting back to enjoy their summer bulb choices - and the nerine, above, is one of the best late-flowering beauties.
The wilted flowers of my Evening Primrose perking up at dusk, as they are traditionally pollinated by moths; a spring-flowering magnolia soulangiana cheerfully flowering for the second time this year; a little blue tit taking his first shaky flight out of the nest; five tiny little polecats crossing a busy dual carriageway in single-file and safely; two barn owls "muttering" to each other in my cherry tree at dusk, and a hot air balloon quietly creeping up the valley at dawn.
Remove faded flowers from the last of the spring-flowering bulbs ?
Plant spring-flowering annuals and biennials now, especially in cold areas, to give them as much time as possible to establish themselves before winter.
PICK a colour, any colour, and you'll find a spring-flowering bulb to fit in with your planting scheme.
You can claim 125 easy-to-grow spring-flowering bulbs worth pounds 25.