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For many, the cosmic reboot of the spring equinox translates to a desire not only for new experience, but for love with a capital L.
The tradition, known as Mamemaki, is based on the belief that ogres, who hate soybeans, begin plotting evil and mischief on the eve of the spring equinox.
The idea that cloudy weather halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox means an early spring is embedded in many cultures.
spring equinox late in 2010, by which time the disk diameter will be tiny and the planet close to conjunction.
Her festival was celebrated about the time of the Spring equinox.
For example, ground-up quartz crystals are sprayed over the vines in the morning to refract the sun and boost photosynthesis, and manure is packed into the horn of a cow and buried in the garden from the fall to the spring equinox, before being made into a microbe-rich spray.
And Persians celebrate ``Nawrooz,'' the day of the spring equinox.
Christmas is situated at the winter solstice; Easter is celebrated at the spring equinox and the renewal of life.
Elspeth was interested in all this mystical stuff and had recently performed a ritual for the Spring equinox.
Unlike the Spring Equinox, Town Meeting Day, or the income tax deadline, there is no set date.
Christians link Easter with the Jewish Passover, celebrated in the first century on the first full moon after the spring equinox.
I find it interesting that the Christian tradition has preserved the natural roots of our greatest festival, Easter, growing as it does out of the timing of Passover, because it is connected to the first full moon after the spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere).
There is a summer solstice, a winter solstice, an autumn equinox and a spring equinox.
The position of the earth at any time is specified by the angle [alpha] of the radius vector from sun to earth, which we will measure counterclockwise from the Spring equinox, with -180[degrees] < [alpha] [less than or equal to] 180[degrees] as in Figure 1.
With churches using four different methods to calculate the date of Easter by the beginning of the 4th century, the Council of Nicea (325) decided that Easter should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox (Eusebius, De solemnitate paschali, 2).