spring chicken

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a young chicken having tender meat

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I'm interested in ordering a shipment of two spring chickens on a trial basis, to be repeated if everything is satisfactory.
He added: "I've got bad knees as a result of a lot of kneeling over the years from gardening and it has got a bit frayed in there - but I am a spring chicken again now."
It was heavenly, a perfect meal-ender after his richly flavored Lemon Grass Half Spring Chicken.
Spring Chicken with Yoghurt, Sumac and Paprika (Dh140) was the next on the mains list.
As for starting a family, Catherine Middleton is no spring chicken and surely when and how soon a family is started is the choice of William and Catherine, as is the size of that family.
Daley said Edwards, 49, Barker, 51, and Canuso, 43, proved "you don't have to be a spring chicken to be a diver".
Paul's no spring chicken and let's face it, when it comes to Britney who knows what might happen next week.
The Strictly Come Dancing judge is no spring chicken either and he's currently splitting his time between adjudicating on the Beeb's ballroom dance fest and its American counterpart, Dancing with the Stars, some 3,000 miles away.
This means a round trip of 130 miles to see him and I'm no spring chicken myself.
ARIA AT THE HYATT TRADITIONAL ATLANTIC PRAWN AND CRAYFISH COCKTAIL WITH MARIE ROSE SAUCE 8 CROWNS BRAISED BELLY OF SUCKLING PIG WITH PICKLED CARROT AND ORIENTAL DRESSING 8 CROWNS VANILLA AND BASIL PANNA COTTA WITH BLACK PEPPER STRAWBERRIES 8 CROWNS ICON DISH A SELECTION OF OUR AFTERNOON TEA Including cakes and scones with clotted cream and jam 20 CROWNS ASHA'S DAHI BHALLA AND PAPADI A cold summer appetiser combining baby gram sweetened yet spiced yoghurt 6 CROWNS CHICKEN MALAI KEBAB Succulent spring chicken breasts with marina-and hint of green cardamom 8 CROWNS LAMB SAFFRON BIRYANI A speciality rice preparation combining aged 10 CROWNS ICON DISH JUMBO CHINGLI PRAWNS Selected black tiger prawns marinated Asha's 20 CROWNS A purchase entitles you for a lucky draw.
He's certainly no spring chicken, but neither is the partner he left his wife for.
Skater Dan's no spring chicken but he's not growing rust eitner.
"I'm no spring chicken and Ashley Giles has already started talking to me about looking after my body."
But no matter which senator takes the White House, none will set a record for being a presidential spring chicken or old fogy: