spreading factor

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an enzyme (trade name Hyazyme) that splits hyaluronic acid and so lowers its viscosity and increases the permeability of connective tissue and the absorption of fluids

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We modelled an optimization problem to maximize the EE by finding the near optimal set of spreading factors while protecting UEs' QoS requirement and SINR.
The HS-SCCH has a fixed rate of 60 kbps since the OVSF spreading factor of HS-SCCH is fixed to 128 and is used to carry downlink signaling related to HS-downlink shared channel (HS-DSCH).
To obtain higher data rates and greater spectral efficiency, the fast power control and variable spreading factor of the DSCH are replaced in Release 5 by short packet size, multicode operation, and techniques such as AMC and HARQ on the HS-DSCH.
This will reduce the detectability of the jamming signal by a factor equal to the processing gain--that is, by the spreading factor (see Figure 3).
Each channel is binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) encoded, assigned to either the I or the Q paths, and spread with an orthogonal variable spreading factor (OVSF) code.
The company's experimental 4G mobile communications system employs variable spreading factor (VSF) and orthogonal frequency code division multiplexing (OFCDM) technologies to mitigate the impact of severe multipath interference.