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Synonyms for sprayer

a worker who applies spray to a surface

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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He added that hand sprayers would be distributed among farmers at the rate of five farmers per union council, power sprayers (two per union council) and tractor mounted boom sprayer (one per UC).
The applicants should have his own tractor to get subsidy on tractor-mounted sprayer and farmers having one to more than 12.
Dates extended: supply of tractor mounted air sleeve boom herbicide sprayer and petrol driven back-pack power sprayer at coimbatore international airport.
AP - pressure variation, MPa; [phi] - opening angle of the sprayer, deg; [delta] - thickness of the bottom's sprayer, mm; [tau] time, s; [rho] - mass density, kg/[m.
According to the plan activation is performed by injecting technical water via vapour sprayers (11) into the flue located after the steam superheater (10).
Thanks to its appearance on "Shark Tank," the biem Butter Sprayer from Brevda Inc.
The cameras were positioned at the base of the spray booms in order to capture forward and backward boom movements in relation to the forward direction of the self-propelled sprayer.
Bean got busy and built a sprayer of his own, based on the double-acting, continuous flow pumps he'd invented back in Michigan.
The RTX Texture Sprayer line features Graco RotoFlex & RotoFlex II Pumps, with an exclusive flow-through design that provides smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent spray pattern.
The sprayer developed by Zhu and his colleagues controls the output to match targeted tree structures.
The laser-guided sprayer can treat several rows of nursery trees at a time.
Apache is a major brand in agricultural self-propelled sprayers in North America with USD 90m revenue in 2015 and approximately USD 140m before the market downturn.
The introduction of the indoor/outdoor PreGro Plant Sprayer (MSRP $8.
The sprayer is designed to dispense most foaming solutions.
For a manufacturing paint sprayer it's likely you will work in a specially-ventilated section of the factory.