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Synonyms for sprawling

an ungainly posture with arms and legs spread about


spreading out in different directions

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Values close to 1 indicate more compact and more sustainable urban areas, and values close to 2 indicate less compact or more sprawling and disperse situations (Torrens, Alberti 2000).
For example, if a city's population increased by five per cent over a decade, while the land area accommodating that population increased by 10 per cent, the city is said to be sprawling.
The new study updates that research and analyzes development patterns in 221 metropolitan areas and 994 counties in the United States as of 2010, looking to see which communities are more compact and connected and which are more sprawling. Researchers used four primary factors--residential and employment density; neighborhood mix of homes, jobs and services; strength of activity centers and downtowns; and accessibility of the street network--to evaluate development in these areas and assign a Sprawl Index score to each.
2) In case the mid-sized cities of Iran are sprawling, who is concerned?
The fatcat's estate is a sprawling West Cork hideaway where the man tasked with heading up the bailed-out bank has lived in the lap of luxury.
cities, a new study indicates that sprawling cities experience more than double the rate of extreme heat events in the summer compared with more compact urban areas [EHP 118(10):1425-1428; Stone et al.].
'that Los Angeles is the most sprawling metropolitan area which is rife with negative consequences', the author is able to compare metropolitan areas using economic data and analysis to lay quiet most of those arguments, showing that they are largely based on anecdotal evidence.
Ewing (1997) defines sprawl as "non-compact development." Ewing, Pendall, Chen (2001) note that "people living in more sprawling regions tend to drive greater distances, own more cars, breathe more polluted air, face greater risks of traffic fatalities and walk and use transit less." Burchell, Downs, and Mukherji (2005) define sprawl as "low density, rapidly spreading urban development that leapfrogs out from an urban center."
It was the sprawling ambitions of local politicians who created the city we see today, who relentlessly pursued amalgamation and transit expansion into the farmlands against any economic or municipal management logic.
He previously lived in Atlanta, where the city's sprawling layout thwarted his desire to be physically active as he went about his daily business.
The EEA says sprawling cities need more energy supply systems, more road networks and a lot of land.
As 80% of them changed residence, the researchers were able to check whether people gained weight after they moved to a more sprawling community.
These pressures have been--and continue to be--particularly intense along New Hampshire's seacoast, where sprawling development is one of the greatest threats to the critically important and highly sensitive Great Bay estuary.