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propelled violently in a usually narrow stream

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Spouting Rock Financial Partners was launched in 2006 as a family office and investment consulting firm offering wealth management services to other family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.
Smith noted Spouting Rock Asset Management has been incubating a small-cap growth product, which is now available for investment purposes.
Spouting Rock Financial Partners is a diversified financial services firm.
In case of spouting process, the distributor made from card board with a single orifice at the centre is used.
A few years after the whale began spouting, the Ocean Cove Inn was built just above the whale.
NETTED J Stephen Birrell was jailed for spouting anti-Catholic bile on a website
However, the spouted bed technique has seldom been applied in largescale industrial processes due to scale-up difficulties (Dogan et al., 2000), such as the inability to achieve good quality spouting in large vessels, and difficulties in predicting the performance of spouted beds larger than about 0.3 m in diameter.
Some whale experts can tell what kind of whale is spouting, even from far away.
Prior to a coating experiment, the particle charge was weighed out and added to the apparatus, heating of the atomizing air was started and the spouting regime established at the required flow rate.
TRAGIC DEATH: Gardner's dad Dominick; SPOUTING FORTH: Gardner's gargoyle of his dad at Lennoxlove House
The spouting gas flow rate, supplied by an air compressor (1), was adjusted by valves (2), and measured by an orifice plate (3) connected to pressure transducers ([P.sub.1] and [P.sub.2]).