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Synonyms for spout

Synonyms for spout

to eject or be ejected in a sudden thin, swift stream

a sudden swift stream of ejected liquid

Synonyms for spout

an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain

gush forth in a sudden stream or jet

talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

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Proper positioning establishes an optimal material flow pattern through the spout, minimizes wear, and improves spout life cycle costs.
Nuby UK says it is unable to say what caused the spout to come off, as it has not had the opportunity to evaluate the damaged product.
He says he gladly turned off the spout during the painting job.
Although not the best of jumpers, Up The Spout went on to win two more point-to-points that season, the adjacent hunts race at the Tredegar Farmers meeting and the members' race at the Glamorgan Hunt fixture.
In addition, the tall spouts make light work of filling tall pots and vases.
The high-integrity seal between bag spout and clamp ring allows full-open discharge from bag spouts of all popular diameters.
The chrome-plated cup grill and high-gloss, chrome-plated spouts are complemented with the Piano Black sides and back.
As long as the distance from the lip of the spout to the surface of the water in the cup was less than one centimetre, some of the particles floating on the surface would eventually climb upstream.
The Napoli is a straighter design, with solid square handles to operate the hot and cold functions and also features a straighter spout than the Florence.
July 16 2010 - TripleNine Fish Protein amba, a Danish co-operative and a producer of fishmeal and fish oil, has said the Danish Norway spout quota is too small.
It is at the top of the outer cone cover and is the small hole through which the cream is passed from the inner cones into the spout.
The unloader features a Spout-Lock[R] clamp ring that forms a high-integrity seal between the clean side of the bag spout and the clean side of the equipment.
Alessi translates an old standby into a punchy marriage of form and function, sturdy metal spout and all.
Once bags are filled, the controller deflates the spout connection collar, releases the loop latches and disengages the spout, enabling the bag to exit the filler automatically on the roller conveyor.
The diesel fuel that remains on the outside of the spout is captured within the nozzle body once the nozzle is replaced in the nozzle booth.