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Synonyms for spousal

of, relating to, or typical of marriage

the act or ceremony by which two people become husband and wife

Synonyms for spousal

of or relating to a wedding

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But the bills were marred by the inclusion of Huffman's spousal loophole amendment.
Burgdorf provides no compelling explanation--in fact no explanation at all--as to why one would expect to observe a differential impact on spousal coverage for young adults in states that implemented parental dependent coverage reforms compared to nonreform states.
Here is a bad news gotcha: If you are entitled to two benefits (say spousal and retirement) you can only have one of them at any one time.
The proposed changes will also affect existing and new spousal trusts.
The course will offer attendees a complete case law and legislative update on the status of child and spousal support in Pennsylvania.
Domestic abuse and spousal abandonment are serious concerns, and the Treasury Department is committed to helping victims access affordable, quality health coverage.
In the meantime, John could start taking his spousal benefit based on Jane's full retirement benefit amount.
Encouraged by their findings, researchers urged inclusion of spousal diabetes into the list of factors that increases type 2 diabetes.
They also evaluated four types of women's autonomy: economic and domestic autonomy, each measured in terms of whether certain household decisions were made by the women (either alone or jointly with their husbands); movement autonomy, defined by whether women needed permission to go to the market, the local health facility, group meetings, friends' or relatives' houses, and religious institutions; and spousal communication, defined as speaking with one's husband about community affairs, money, desired family size, health and use of family planning.
Demi was originally claiming spousal support on grounds Ashton cheated on her.
Demi Moore filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher on Thursday, asking her estranged ex to pay her spousal support and her attorney fees.
The Tax Court held that spousal support payments received by a taxpayer from her ex-husband prior to the fourth and final support reduction were alimony payments, not child support, since the final reduction was not clearly associated with a contingency related to a child.
A person who has reached full retirement age could elect to take his or her Spousal Benefit and delay taking their own Social Security benefit.
To construct the best possible claim using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs), by now you have:
in Canada, uses the format of a play to relate how she left her husband and recovered from spousal abuse.