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Synonyms for spotter

a worker employed at a dry-cleaning establishment to remove spots

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a worker employed to apply spots (as markers or identifiers)

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a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event

someone who is the first to observe something

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By using the lines off to the right and left in the bottom half of the reticle, a spotter can simply line up head to base and see how far away it is by the correlating number.
The third spotter site on our list was the Cherry Tree pub -the location from where a protest was set to start off to the ground not long after our arrival.
This was the briefing for the 'spotters' - those officers who are with the fans of whatever side they cover for every game and know them better than anyone.
On April 4, 2017, one spotter, Mahmoud Al Hasna, caught a radio signal between a pilot and a command centre on his handheld walkie talkie, and it sent shock waves through the network.
The fitness center's public relations representative said that it was confirmed that Lee had been using the bench press without a spotter to guide and assist him as he attempted to lift 70 kilograms, which they described as within a reasonable range for him to be able to lift.
In a similarly heartfelt and personal vein, another spotter forwarded our favourite seasonal promo email of last year, from Bin Majid Beach Hotel in Ras al Khaimah.
My John Deere Model H tractor illustrated the role of a wartime tractor on patrol as farmers used whatever they had to perform spotter duties.
With "A Spotter's Guide to Film (and TV) Locations" anyone will be able to explore the real-life locations for some of the most famous productions of all time, filmed in countries including Canada, Australia, Jordan, Croatia, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Tunisia and India.
The Trophy X65 is an affordable spotter that doesn't sacrifice performance.
Each school's designated spotter will have the ability to pause and rewind replays from multiple camera angles to evaluate injuries.
--Bill Sargent, East Central Florida Action Spotter
Leaving a message on, the unknown spotter said their encounter lasted about 10 minutes: "The light looked like a star but bigger and it was bright white.
What's more, the app user or 'spotter' gets paid for their participation.
Coverity launches Code Spotter in free beta version.