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a large owl of North America found in forests from British Columbia to central Mexico

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As the BLM wrote in the last report it produced, "Loss of old-growth forest and forest fragmentation appear to be the major contributors to spotted owl population declines." (95) The report also recounted all of the reasons for this given by Drs.
"The Center is relying on two things to be able to keep pushing this hard-nosed ESA agenda," says Patrick Parenteau, who teaches at Vermont School of Law and in the late 1980s was hired by the FWS to defend the Northern spotted owl from attacks by the first Bush Administration.
She and her colleagues have just finished a survey of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA in spotted owls, which they described at this summer's Society for Conservation Biology meeting.
Throughout much of the Pacific Northwest, flying squirrels represent about 50 percent of the diet of the spotted owl, a threatened species.
Since the plan was put into play in 1994, at least 100,000 acres of spotted owl habitat has been logged off.
Once, emotions ran high over the declining population of the northern spotted owl. In the late 1980s, concern for the little nocturnal predator moved radical environmentalists to spike trees to protest timber clear-cutting that destroyed the owl's habitat.
When an adult spotted owl is flying, it seems huge.
In Jennifer Muller's new work, The Spotted Owl, the Marty Beller percussion ensemble is arranged unobtrusively upstage.
(1992) were not supported by "data from other parts of the Northern Spotted Owl's range." Specifically, they cite Rosenberg and Anthony (1992).
Just when Harcourt thought things couldn't get much worse, along comes the Vancouver Sun waving its leaked copy of the secret spotted owl report, submitted to provincial cabinet last July by a government-appointed team of biologists and foresters.
Such passions, focusing a decade ago on the survival of the northern spotted owl, stopped disastrous widespread logging of the bird's ancient forest habitat in the Pacific Northwest, mainly in Oregon and Washington.
Analysts blame the price run on four factors: pinched Pacific Northwest timber supplies triggered by the northern spotted owl debate; higher demand from the recovering housing industry; record-low mortgage rates; and panic buying by mills, distributors, and builders.
The government's three leading experts on the spotted owl were asked two simple, but all-important, questions.
* Spotted owl. The northern spotted owl is a hot political issue in the Pacific Northwest, where the timber industry is an important economic force.
Our challenge, at Audubon and as a society, is to get people to see, and see very soon, that what is good for the spotted owl is good for the long-term protection of the loggers' jobs.