spotted gum

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large gum tree with mottled bark

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From the spotted gum growth curve (Maraseni 2007), the average yield at 35 years was 1.4 cu.
Pre-loaded forest species scenarios for the study site were run; one being for a medium growth spotted gum plantation; and the other being a low growth white gum plantation.
Analysis of spacing for spotted gum plantations for maximising merchantable logs.
C[O.sub.2]/ value Year C[O.sub.2]- e) (t/ha) e (t/ha) ($/ha) 2011 8.4 0.29 12.76 107 2012 8.7 0.29 12.76 111 2013 9.1 0.31 12.76 116 -- -- -- -- -- 2044 30.6 29.95 12.76 391 2045 31.9 0 12.76 407 Annualised NPV ($/ha) 79 Spotted Gum (high growth) C[O.sub.2]/e Av.
Another important eucalyptus tree indigenous to Australia is the Eucalyptus maculata, also known as spotted gum. It is light in color and has been used as a substitute for satinwood, although it is not considered its equal in all properties.
As part of this program, the Queensland Government has approved A$30 M to increase the area of hardwood plantations, especially spotted gum (DPIF, 2004b).
Spotted gum is a trade name of the group of four species: Corymbia maculata, Corymbia citriodora subspecies variegata, Corymbia citriodora subspecies citriodora, and Corymbia henry.
Spotted gum is widely distributed in SEQ especially between 25[degrees]S to 38[degrees]S latitude extending up to 400 km inland and to an altitude of 950 m above sea level (Boland et al., 1984).
In 2001, spotted gum plantations were established in this pasture as part of the SEQRFA program.
The spotted gum plantations, with a total area of 36.48 ha (24.3 ha of four year plantations and 12.15 ha one year plantations), were developed as an improved silvipastoral system in which grazing was permitted three years after establishment.
The NPV of spotted gum plantations of different ages was taken from Maraseni (2007), where the author applied the same discount rate.
Finally, there is the possibility of using spotted gum for medicinal purposes, as Aborigines have traditionally used the leaves of the spotted gum species.
This study assessed the financial benefits of including pasture components in spotted gum plantations in Taabinga, SEQ.
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) (2004a), Forestry, Timber and Wood', Hardwood Queensland: Species List: Spotted Gum. Available at: http//, accessed 3 April 2005.
The surrounding towering spotted gums and paperback trees offer a retreat for humans and are home to colorful parrots and adorable kangaroos.