spotted fever

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any of several severe febrile diseases characterized by skin rashes or spots on the skin

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Caption: This image depicts the characteristic rash that had been caused by Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a forgotten epidemic [Spanish].
In the United States, there are many tick-borne rickettsiae, most of which belong to the spotted fever group of rickettsiae (SFGR).
Questions on Mediterranean spotted fever a century after its discovery.
For more information on "Diagnosis and Management of Tick-borne Rickettsial Diseases: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses, Ehrlichioses and Anaplasmosis --United States: A Practical Guide for Health Care and Public Health Professionals," visit www.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is the most common tick-borne rickettsial disease in the United States.
Antigen suspension of Proteus OX19 antigen reacts strongly with the sera of patients with typhus group rickettsiae and rocky mountain spotted fever, Proteus OX2 with the sera of patients with spotted fever infections, while the Proteus OXK with the sera of patients infected with scrub typhus.
conorii by immunofluorescence (IFA) remains the best-recognized and most available laboratory method to diagnose Mediterranean spotted fever.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever is another diagnosis you really don't want to miss.
Initially, bacteria from Rickettsia Genus have been grouped, based on their clinical manifestation, immunological reactivity, intracellular localization and G+C amount on his DNA in two groups: Tifus group (TG) and Spotted Fever Group (SFG).
Outbreak of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Cordoba, Colombia.
Over the past two decades, the incidence of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever has increased.
These microorgaisms include those known to cause Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis.