spotted dick

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Just to explain to any readers who have found the above sentence amusing too, Spotted Dick (BD1.
It doesn't look like how I remember spotted dick," said Stan when it arrived.
Best of all were the puddings - the spotted dick was excellent and my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, but the ginger pudding stole the show.
There's the sumptuous spotted dick and custard room, the mouth-watering chocolate suite - or you can sample the sticky toffee, oriental ginger, syrup sponge and Lord Randall's rooms.
We sat outside the "chamber" until precisely 3pm, presumably to allow the spotted dick to clear the noble oesophagi before proceedings could begin.
Is it really necessary, therefore, to provide lashings of shepherd's pie and spotted dick with custard to councillors who have been working for about three hours?
One of their most recent launches in the desserts category was a range of delicious traditional steamed puddings including Jam Roly Poly, Spotted Dick and Jam Sponge.
Flintshire, let us remember, is the ultra-sensitive county council which was recently ridiculed across the world for seeking to rename Spotted Dick on its canteen menus.
An example that comes to mind is one that usually elicits titters from American diners: Spotted Dick.
Martina Hingis, 28, was Martina Haggis, Vince Spadea, 34, turned into Mince Spadea, former British star Greg Rusedski, 33, was Egg Rusedski and Dick Norman, 38, became Spotted Dick Norman.
Gary Rhodes might be able to cook the perfect spotted dick but it wasn't enough to save him from getting the boot as one of the biggest non-personalities of Strictly Come Dancing.
The products currently in the marketplace via these two sectors include: standard and speciality gateaux, cream sponges, fudge cakes, cheese cakes, meringue pavlova, hot desserts (jam roly poly, spotted dick and bread & butter pudding) fruit pies, crumbles, sponge puddings and hand assembled party fayre.
I think I'd skip the finger-buffet; not to mention coq au vin, spotted dick, beef cobbler.
Now if only something can be done about spotted dick and bangers and mash.
Spotted Dick and Spotted Dog are rolled pastries referred to as suet puddings.