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Synonyms for spotlessness

the state of being spotlessly clean

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The food was fresh, cooked close to perfection and delicious as the spotlessness of the plates affirmed afterwards.
The increased use of robotics and other state-of-the-art technology has really increased the need for spotlessness in manufacturing plants.
Also, when receiving traffic, a destination network could prioritize traffic based on the spotlessness of ASs, which the metrics can help estimate.
This is a woman so cleanliness-obsessed she regularly dental flosses the clag on the underside of her cooker knobs and gives the rim of her freshly scoured toilet bowl the once over with a hairdryer - the spotlessness of which she likes to illustrate by licking it.
The spotlessness creates an illusion of moral purity, as some apparently uncorrupt characters wear white clothes, own "white palaces" (6) a "white roadster" (48), speak "as cool as their white dresses" (10) with a "complexion powdered milky white" (20).
12) To commanding talents, and to success, the common elements of such greatness, he added a disregard of self, a spotlessness of motive, a steady submission to every public and private duty, which threw far into the shade the whole crowd of vulgar great.
Owners are advised to conform to a standard issued by the Association of Physical Plant Instructors' (APPA) Leadership in Educational Facilities Custodial Staffing Guidelines, which are based on "appearance levels" ranging from "orderly spotlessness," "ordinary tidiness" and "casual inattention" to "moderate dinginess" and "unkempt neglect.