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the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market


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and the true average spot price as provided by the regulation, the
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) spot prices for Japanese buyers fell for the third straight month in January, Japan's trade ministry said, as winter demand failed to materialise to the extent hoped.
The ICIS EAX is an average of spot price assessments for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.
General manager for fuels and head of trading, Hero Hiroki Sato, said a part of the deal is linked to Asian spot prices.
METI's LPG spot price average reports have added transparency to an opaque market amid concern about rising fuel costs in the wake of the shut-down of nuclear plants after the Fukushima disaster.
Spot prices also opened up slightly but traded in a tight range as they have since Friday.
The chart clearly demonstrates that the market does not expect the UK NBP spot price to weaken on the back of slowing gas demand growth due to economic woes in Europe.
TradeTech concluded by saying that the weekly per pound uranium oxide spot price indicator is $50.
AT THE MONEY (ATM) OPTION: The ATM call and put options are ones where the strike price is equal to the market or spot price.
The ITM put option is one where the strike price is more than the spot price of the underlying stock/ index.
Much of the literature on commodity storage derives from the empirical observation that firms store commodities even when the commodity's spot price is high relative to its futures price.
The most important factor determining fuel prices in Europe is the Rotterdam spot price.
commercial crude stock levels from January 1986 through December 2006 with the spot price of WTI [West Texas Intermediate, an oil pricing benchmark], which trades on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
The magazine says the spot price for bottle-grade virgin PET increased 18 cents per pound to 95 cents following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, helping to boost the yearly average price for the material to 85 cents per pound in 2005 compared to 69 cents per pound in 2004.
During the same period, the spot price of a barrel of oil has increased from around $25 to more than $60.