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the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market


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According to Meralco, spot prices had softened as peak demand in the Luzon grid was down by around 300 megawatts in September.
2006) show that the daily average value of the market spot price decreases by 1 [euro]/MWh per additional 1,000 MW wind capacity.
The highest average spot price was observed on Bonny Light oil produced in Nigeria, which amounted to $31.
and the true average spot price as provided by the regulation, the
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) spot prices for Japanese buyers fell for the third straight month in January, Japan's trade ministry said, as winter demand failed to materialise to the extent hoped.
General manager for fuels and head of trading, Hero Hiroki Sato, said a part of the deal is linked to Asian spot prices.
The company revealed that the specimen gold from the Ruby Mine was sold at prices up to 50% above the spot price of gold on the date of sale.
METI's LPG spot price average reports have added transparency to an opaque market amid concern about rising fuel costs in the wake of the shut-down of nuclear plants after the Fukushima disaster.
The intra-day rate for offshore yuan (CNH) moved to erase a brief gap that opened up over the last two days, returning to trade near the spot price at 6.
The European market is likely to continue to face some price pressure as a result of slowing demand growth and, therefore, a relatively weak spot price performance.
The spot price of uranium continued to drift downward, falling $1.
ON Ruhrgas AG, OAO Gazprom disagree on spot price proposal(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
IN THE MONEY (ITM) OPTION: An ITM call option is one where the strike price is less than the market (spot) price of the underlying stock/index, that is, the spot price is more than the strike price.
An ITM call option is one where the strike price is less than the market ( spot) price of the underlying stock/ index, that is, the spot price is more than the strike price.
Instead, such a firm will be willing to generate electricity only if the spot price of electricity is sufficiently high that the firm can recover its operational marginal cost and the value of the real options destroyed by generating electricity.