spot jamming

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electronic jamming of a specific channel or frequency

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Selex Communications' Guardian-W and Guardian-C2 architecture is centred on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology and allows all the systems to be field programmed for waveform techniques, such as wide-band/barrage and spot jamming.
The system uses all available electronic counter measures jamming techniques including spot jamming, multiple-target spot jamming, and wideband noise jamming.
However, more mobile air-defense systems that use sophisticated, frequency-agile sensors are capable of staying ahead of operator-contro lled spot jamming, leaving barrage jamming of the RF spectrum as the only viable alternative, and once again we are sharing a back seat with the frustrated Tornado EWOs of Kosovo.
Designed to monitor all radio communications, the Terrorist Trap(TM) VIP-16 searches for transmitting devices, analyzes frequencies to detect unauthorized transmissions and can target and generate spot jamming signals with pinpoint precision.