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Synonyms for sportsmanlike

according to the rules

Synonyms for sportsmanlike

exhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play

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Judges look at a rider's balance, use of aids, ability to follow directions, etiquette and safety as well as sportsmanlike conduct.
You try and put a brave face on and be sportsmanlike, but we're gutted and we've got to take it on the chin.
Some of you will argue that it is nice to win with a clean-cut, sportsmanlike image.
I felt from her moving around in between my serving motion was not sportsmanlike in my opinion.
What I experienced, what I felt from her moving around in between my serving motion was not, I don't think, sportsmanlike," Vandeweghe said.
It is accepted that physical education lesson, which contributes to individual's development as a whole, plays a role in interiorizing the concepts like especially sportsmanlike by individual.
Edwards and his team were diplomatic and sportsmanlike in wishing the West Walians all the best for the next season and are relishing their own chance to make amends for their end of season heartbreak by setting out to win the title next season.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- KasympaE-a is in a strange place after losing coach Shota Arveladze right after he was praised for sportsmanlike behavior in the small ystanbul side's eventual loss to Torku Konyaspor, and now the club will face the hungry Galatasaray Lions.
Liverpool won 3-1 before a 30,000 crowd at Goodison and our reporter was keen to praise the sportsmanlike quality of the match with 'not more than three fouls' in the first half 'and they were not more than technicalities.
In an interview after his Pacquiao fight, Chris Algieri was very sportsmanlike in his gracious words for Manny, whose face was unmarked.
Perhaps I'm not the best judge of what it takes to be a great coach, but what I am qualified to observe is sportsmanlike behavior.
All of our athletes put forth their best effort and sportsmanlike attitude while competing this year,'' said Tim Hammond, assistant executive director of programs.
Instead of showing a flurry of punches and kicks like what he does in the UFC, St-Pierre exhibited his sportsmanlike conduct and just shrugged off the snub.
They recognised his gracious, sportsmanlike behaviour and applauded him under a sky that, following a perfect script, finally permitted the sun to break through.