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the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of injuries or illness resulting from athletic activities

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Following residency, he completed a one-year fellowship in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy in Richmond, Va.
This fellowship program was the first pediatrics-based sports medicine fellowship to be accredited by the Residency Review Committee (RRC) for Pediatrics in 1999.
With this new business, GHP said it is expanding and broadening its offering within sports medicine.
SEM residents are encouraged to undertake research during their training and they publish papers in several topics include sports related medical problems of athletes (2), local needs of sports medicine research (e.
In his welcoming remarks, Dr Mohammad Ghaith al-Kuwari, Acting Director General of Aspetar, said, "Organising this conference reflects Aspetar's profile the GCC reference centre in sports medicine.
Over the years, the sports medicine market has witnessed various technological advancements made to ensure and provide better recovery and rehabilitative measures for injuries caused during sports or physical activities.
Girolamo Mercuriale (1530-1606) was an Italian physician, being the most famous for his work De Arte Gymnastica, which is now considered the first book of sports medicine with the principles of physical therapy.
Peter Vitanzo, MD, Sports Medicine Specialist at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, said, 'Both products are important new early intervention options for sports medicine physicians and their patients.
At a meeting held in the Capital, KP Singh Deo, chairman, Games Technical Conduct Committee, CWG, managed to convince doubters that getting doctors from the Army and the Sports Authority of India with a sports medicine background was important.
He will play a vital, strategic, role in adding a new dimension to our sports medicine and sports science services.
The point to this detailed explanation is that it heralds a new era in sports medicine where specialist practitioners are held accountable and their records and experience carefully examined before a decision is made about utilising their services.
RTI Biologics' overall gross profit margin jumped 44% from the fourth quarter of 2007; company executives said the growth was driven by an increase in sports medicine revenues, greater productivity and higher margins for the Tutogen markets.
Despite the increasing popularity of primary care sports medicine fellowships, as evidenced by the more than twofold increase in family medicine sports medicine fellowships from a total of 31 accredited programs during the 1998/1999 academic year (ACGME, 1998) to 63 during the 2003/2004 academic year (ACGME, 2006), there are few empirical studies to support the efficacy of such programs.
Many of them will sustain injuries, or seek to prevent them, and will be thankful that among their entourages are some of the best sports medicine professionals in the world.
THE world's first research network for sports medicine ethics has been launched at Swansea University.
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