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an announcer who reads sports news or describes sporting events

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Sports commentator Miletich is a retired MMA artist and was well-known in the fighting world for becoming the first UFC Welterweight Champion and UFC 16 Welterweight Tournament Winner.
Sports commentator Brace Hooley (fired for criticizing Ohio State on his radio show) explains in this clip how things have changed at Ohio State:
Before england's Twenty20 win over India on Wednesday, popular Sky Sports commentator Bumble, 63, was challenged while looking at photographs on the wall in the bar of the cricket club he had served as player, captain and coach.
The former professional footballer was at Shearer's Bar, in Newcastle, with BBC Newcastle sports commentator Mick Lowes, where they showed-off their skills.
I do not care what tabloids or Italian press write about it, I am not a sports commentator.
THE sacking of Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray and resignation of Richard Keys is a warning to us all that if you cross the equality and diversity brigade you do so at your peril.
Egyptian television has barred a noted sports commentator from appearing on all official TV channels for lashing out at the Minister of the Interior during a show on Monday, sources said on Wednesday.
In the field of sports comment, the shield was handed over to UAE's sports commentator Faris Awad.
95) comes from a Golf Magazine columnist and CBS sports commentator and offers a fine collection of fun, positive observations from his columns.
Other winners included veteran BBC sports commentator Jackie Fullerton in the lifetime achievement category.
VERE WYNNE-JONES, a freelance racing reporter and best known as a newsreader and sports commentator with RTE television and radio, where he began working in 1978, died on Sunday aged 56 after a four-year battle with cancer.
Simpson case, in that it is about the family of a highly successful sports commentator and the murder of his wife, the narrator's mother.
Ron Rapoport is a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a sports commentator for National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Saturday.
Sports commentator Sharron first represented Britain at the age of 13.
Another indicator of what gay women golfers face came in the anti-lesbian remarks attributed to CBS sports commentator Ben Wright in a Delaware newspaper in 1995.